About Revolution Elite - By sabretooth

Revolution Elite is not a new idea. For many years Rev Elite has existed in various forms, primarily as a group on an old (now dead) IRC server where we would talk about exploits and vulnerabilities.
Originally, I had become an established member of hackquest and Revolution Elite was under some kind of development as a hackchallenge/riddle site similar to n0tPron and zestriddle with 30~ riddles online, but the ideas weren't great and I soon lost interest.

In June 2010, the idea came along to build RE into a professional challenge site with user accounts and rankups: It started off well although from the beginning, the layout was a little outdated: A page from RE 1.0.

On the 11th Feb 2011, Revolution Elite 2 was launched, and this is the version you are seeing at this moment.

So if you read this far you might be thinking... what happened to those 30 riddles which were online in years before... Well I didn't delete them. In fact I have them here for you to try.
Bear in mind that the detective theme did not exist on RE until 1.0 in 2010, and these riddles take more of a supernatural storyline.
Also I will point out that some of these riddles have been donated to other more professional mainstream riddle sites like zestriddle and therefore have been removed from this collection. You are still left with about 20-25 to try.

Solve them all and you will be given a password. Enter the password you are given here (log in first) and you will earn a bonus award ;)
Good luck,