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19th April 2023 - Challenge 198 - Enumeration is now online in the Special category!
14th March 2023 - Changed some page encoding on Everything Changes to avoid those pesky ????????????? characters. Also fixed a typo on The Bank Job (Thanks Simonselles)
13th December 2022 - Challenge 197 - Flawed Code is now online in the Special category!
2nd December 2022 - Finally all challenges are now fully working. Expect a new one before the end of 2022 hopefully and a few more in 2023
20th July 2022 - Thanks for the bugreport Codefinder. Password reset is not working for certain accounts. It's on my todolist as are the rest of the challenge fixes still remaining. Three new challenges in the works. Updates coming at some point...
28th February 2022 - Challenge 197 - Redacted has been redacted until further notice
18th February 2022 - Challenge 197 - Redacted is now online in the Stegano category!
5th January 2022 - The 'Escape' and 'PHP System' series have been fixed. I am now working (slowly) through all challenges. You can see progress here
1st January 2022 - It has been brought to my attention that some other challenges are affected by the PHP upgrade. Currently broken challenges on my radar: 'Escape' series, 'PHP System' series. I'll fix those that I am aware of in the coming weeks and then test all challenges throughout the next months. Thanks to all and Happy New Year!
15th December 2021 - Many thanks to livinskull for reporting a 500 (Internal Server Error) response for the case 3 accusation. This was due to a deprecation/removal of syntax between PHP 7.X and 8.X. There are likely other challenges with similar errors (albeit not many) so if anyone encounters anything like this please let me know :)
20th November 2021 - No activity in a year - eek. PHP upgraded to version 8. This caused an issue with the registration CAPTCHA. Should be fixed now. Thanks to Rhys for a bugreport. New challenge hopefully will come before the year is out or shortly into New Year.
16th November 2020 - Tiny hint added to Into The Fold. Also thanks to tehron for spotting a small bug (which does not affect the solving of the challenge itself)
15th November 2020 - Challenge 196 - Into The Fold is now online in the Stegano category. Good luck :)
21st June 2020 - Good news everyone! Murder in Brenningsdale now has a 'You are close. 3 or fewer incorrect statements!' message once your solution is almost correct. Also, the form now remembers your previous submission!
18th June 2020 - After 20 days of work on this one I am proud to announce something totally different for Revolution Elite. Challenge 195 - Murder In Brenningsdale is now online!
23rd May 2020 - Challenge 194 - The Fugitive is now online in the Special category. The next one will be the start of a new category... watch this space :)
9th February 2020 - After many months of inactivity, I am proud to announce a new challenge - Challenge 193 Oracle Banking is now online
17th September 2019 - Hopefully a new challenge wlll be in planning when I get around to it. I have many ideas but no time :) This update is mainly a test of tehbot's IRC polling :)
29th April 2019 - Thanks for your patience whilst I've been dealing with OSCE and illness. Challenge 192 is now online in the Forensic category: Detection
3rd February 2019 - Challenge 191: Hexecuted is now online
24th December 2018 - Merry Christmas. Challenge 190: Image Encoder Part 2 is now online
9th December 2018 - The first challenge online since the PHP upgrade and domain change so here's hoping for a smooth automation. Elite Engine 3 is now online (hopefully)
29th November 2018 - We have a new domain name: There may be a few issues over the next day or so whilst I sort out redirects from sabrefilms so bear with us during that time. Thanks!
17th November 2018 - A very basic message board is now online - this is based on the discussion afterwards code. There is an FAQ available there so check it out
16th November 2018 - After a week of refactoring the site we are finally running on PHP 7.2. The new forum will be active over the weekend
27th October 2018 - It seems a few core modules of Revolution Elite would need updating to be fully PHP 7.x compatible therefore the upgrade was reverted (there may still be a few errors whilst the revert takes place). I will perform some local edits and testing and will upgrade further over the next month
24th October 2018 - The SDA are back. Challenge 188: Shady Dealings AES is now online. Thanks to Askin, destiny, Luthorien for betatesting
5th August 2018 - Welcome back to the Elite Engine. Challenge 187 Elite Engine 2: Minimal Multiplier is now online
29th July 2018 - Time to follow The Trail. Challenge 186 is now online
14th July 2018 - A new section and a new series of challenges. More information here Challenge 185 Elite Engine 1: Addition is now online
27th June 2018 - Sorry for the delays - Real life catching up with me. Just some information that a new challenge category is on it's way to the site. Coming soon...
21st May 2018 - Revolution Elite and GDPR
13th May 2018 - cain's Cipher X system has been rebooted. Here's to the first Cipher X challenge in 7 years: Challenge 184 Cipher X (rebooted) is now online!
7th May 2018 - Thanks to ziot for pointing out a bug in Shady Dealings Admin (Case 19). This has been fixed with duct tape and glue until I can get around to fixing the site's tempremental email script...
26th April 2018 - Challenge 183 - Image Encoder Part 1 is now online
21st March 2018 - A new category appeared! Challenge 182 - Forensic 101 is now online. Something basic to begin with...
11th March 2018 - Challenge 181 - Piece By Piece is now online :)
8th February 2018 - Sorry for the error in Black And White. Thanks to dloser and thefinder for kicking my butt about it.
8th February 2018 - Challenge 180 - Black And White is now online.
1st December 2017 - And we're back! Challenge 179 Shady Dealings Account is now online. Untested however, so if anyone finds any major bug let me know :)
10th August 2017 - Delays with new challenges...
19th May 2017 - Challenge 178 - Persistence is now online in the programming section whilst I work on a new exploit challenge. No beta-test for this one so if there are issues, let me know ;)
1st April 2017 - Challenge 177 online. A Deadly Game betatested by thefinder
1st March 2017 - Taking a break from the site for a while :) See you all soon!
7th February 2017 - Hint added to Gathering Evidence :)
3rd February 2017 - Time for a little observation. Challenge 176: WFC is now online.
26th January 2017 - Challenge 175 is now online. This time we are Gathering Evidence.
3rd December 2016 - Challenge 174 is now online. The Wrong Code.
30th November 2016 - Challenge 173 is online. The SDA are back again - Shady Dealings Aviation. Thanks to destiny for the betatest
13th October 2016 - As I've been busy with work, there have been no new challenges for a while. I will start work on an SDA for November. Thanks for your patience
4th August 2016 - Challenge 172 is now online. Nothing Wrong here at all.
8th July 2016 - The SDA are back once again with challenge 171! Shady Dealings Abusion is now online. Many thanks to destiny for beta-testing.
28th June 2016 - Challenge 170 is now online... Any Agatha Christie fans around?
11th June 2016 - You may have observed there is a new category open in caseset 3! Challenge 169 is now online. Read All About It!
27th May 2016 - Challenge 168 - Picture This! is now online!
25th May 2016 - As idlemonkeys IRC network is still down, I have updated the web link to point to gizmore's server. Let's repopulate the IRC channel :)
21st May 2016 - Challenge 167 is now online. The logic can be found in all of us with Logic Set 2
18th May 2016 - The SDA are back once again! SDA Corruption is now online
9th May 2016 - Challenge 165 now online. Time to go Into The Unknown...
7th May 2016 - Challenge 164 - Logic Machine is now online. This one is somewhat based on an old HackQuest challenge
5th May 2016 - Challenge 163 - Pixel Madness is now online. With thanks to the beta testers :)
27th April 2016 - But surely that's impossible...? Regardless, Challenge 162 - Ob(li)vious is now online
26th April 2016 - It seems that Downfall was a little harder than intended due to a PHP upgrade which broke something. Firstly - massive congrats to dloser for solving it despite this increase in difficulty. The challenge was still perfectly solvable after all (unlike ...) I have now patched Downfall and it is back to it's original state
22nd April 2016 - Challenge 161 now online. Thanks to Dex2l of HackQuest for inspiration
18th April 2016 - Challenge 160 is now online. Do you have the certification?
17th April 2016 - Very rare that an SDA goes up untested so if something doesn't seem right or you get RevEl root or something, please let me know ;) Challenge 159 - Shady Dealings Authentication is now online!
7th March 2016 - A new crypto online. This one was originally developed by Caesum for TBS, however I thought the idea was so great (and that more people needed to try it - especially as TBS is currently broken) that I recreated it for RevElite. I may have simplified it a little ;) Hail Caesum!
25th February 2016 - This was was really great fun to write and develop a solver for :) Challenge 157: Mastermind is now online
11th February 2016 - Challenge 156 is now online. Happy hashing :)
10th February 2016 - Continuing a series - Code Finder Part 4 is now online. This is challenge 155
12th January 2016 - Another Stegano for you. I had this one uploaded to HackQuest. however the administrator altered the challenge too much and it became quite illogical. Here it is in the original easier form: United We Stand... is now online. This is challenge 154
3rd January 2016 - A new stegano for you. Challenge 153: Randomness is now online
2nd January 2016 - Happy New Year! Challenge 152 - SDA Remnant is now online
15th December 2015 - Whilst I'm working on an exploit challenge (SDA), I thought I would upload a little something to keep the site active. Solvable by straight bruteforce, but there is a much easier method... Challenge 151 - Broken SHA is now online
30th October 2015 - Mailer is running again :)
29th October 2015 - There seems to be a problem with the site mailer. Emails are currently not being sent from the system. This affects registration, password reset and the occasional challenge. I'll look to get this fixed this weekend but if you want me to manually activate your account, let me know
7th October 2015 - Our 150th challenge! Logic Set 1 is now online
26th September 2015 - Another one based on a now-defunct HackQuest challenge. Challenge 149 - Pillars Of Rome is now online
20th September 2015 - To celebrate 1000 users on the site, here is a new challenge in Stegano category. Challenge 148 - The 39 Steps is now online
7th September 2015 - I'm taking a short break whilst dealing with some real life issues. Challenge creation will continue next week.
2nd September 2015 - Jhype has been removed from the junior admin position due to inactivity and no need for a junior admin
28th August 2015 - I set security headers on the site: X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Frame-Options, Strict-Transport-Security (the last one will be an issue if you want to use an intercepting proxy. you'll have to import the site certificate to get around this) If any challenges are non-functioning due to these changes, please let me know. sabretooth
22nd August 2015 - Challenge 147 - RuleBreaker is now online. Think outside the box for this one
22nd August 2015 - We open the Stegano section with Challenge 146 - Combined, Mirrored... It should be said that the title of this challenge is paying homage to Anto's challenge on the now-defunct HackQuest - 'Combined, Mirrored, Hated'. Although this challenge is not a copy of the HackQuest counterpart, it did provide inspiration for this new Stegano.
8th August 2015 - Challenge 145 is now online. The Code Finder series continues with part 3. Good luck
7th August 2015 - A break from the Code Finder series for a new exploit. This is based on one of my old lost-chall ideas. Thanks to f34rgh4l for the beta-test. Secure Data Administration (Challenge 144) is online
22nd June 2015 - Reviving some old challenges from
19th June 2015 - Part 2 now online. This is challenge 143
17th June 2015 - Part 1 of a planned trilogy. Challenge 142 - Code Finder is now online!
5th June 2015 - Moved house and back in business. Challenge 141 is now online. A rehash of an old HackQuest challenge which teaches an important lesson. Credits for the original challenge are given within the challenge text, but this one still had me pulling my hair out trying to get it working. A few ways to solve this one, so have fun!
10th May 2015 - Challenge 140 now online in the Special (???) category. Many thanks to f34rgh4l for betatesting. Good luck all :)
27th April 2015 - Second challenge in two days :) Back To The Base (Challenge 139) is now online
26th April 2015 - New challenge: Entropy is online and this starts CaseSet 3. Welcome Inspector!
23rd April 2015 - Over the next few days, around 10 (or so) fake challenges will be added to the database and will show up in the profile, creators list, however they should not affect a user's % solved or wechall status. These challenges are NOT intended to be found or solved - They are merely for my own benefit, testing the progress of the new area of the site. The challenges will be removed when testing is complete.
21st April 2015 - The account options panel has now been rewritten. This means that all options can be changed at once, rather than the old toggle on/off one at a time. Also Caseset 3 can be selected as default, and the CSRF allowing an attacker to show a victim's email in the forum has been patched. If there are any issues, please let me know.
15th April 2015 - Forum login is now integerated with the main site. Click on the forum tab at the top and you should be logged into the forum automagically. As of yet, logout is not linked
11th April 2015 - Case 20 (and case-set 2) is complete! Downfall is now online. Expect a short break whilst I create section 3 of the site, then challenges should be about at the old rate of 2-3 per month
10th April 2015 - Final case 20 challenge will be up tomorrow. Ran into a couple of issues
10th April 2015 - (Finally) fixed a bug in Case 19: Shady Dealings Admin which allowed users to skip nearly the whole challenge. Thanks to criple_ripper for reporting and to amone for the reminder. Any user who solved this the 'easy way' will keep their solved status, but for educational purposes, try to solve it the correct way :) In other news, case 20 will end later today with the next challenge.
11th January 2015 - There will be one final challenge in case 20. This will also take a while to code so you will have plenty of time to solve the existing 136 challenges and aim for 100% (I'm looking at you tehron)
22nd December 2014 - Case 20 has begun with The Ultimate Showdown. Time to make our way once more through the depths of the SDA headquarters...
31st October 2014 - Case 20 will begin before the end of 2014. Our intel are working hard to uncover the location of Trevelyan's security systems
20th September 2014 - Taking a break from the site once again as real life seems to be invading on my time. Case 20 will be in progress after some hiatus
3rd August 2014 - Case 19 accusation is now online. There will be a bit of an inactivity period for the site now whilst we work on the Case 20 challenges. Like Case 10, there won't be many ;)
1st July 2014 - Easy challenge here, just a case of being patient :) Testing the new bank system. Challenge 134: The Bribe is now online!
22nd June 2014 - New feature added to the site. Read more about it here
11th June 2014 - It seems that Trevelyan is making a Second Attempt... challenge 133 is now online...
3rd June 2014 - Back to hunting the SDA. Challenge 132: Frequency Analysis is online
4th May 2014 - A short break from hunting the SDA to update security a little closer to home. Challenge 131: Lockout is now online
27th April 2014 - Many thanks to New_LucA for finding a bug in the new challenge. Patched now :)
27th April 2014 - Case 19 continues with challenge 130: Shady Dealings Admin. This challenge has not been successfully betatested to the very end so if issues arise please let me know. Local testing shows it to work ok.
7th April 2014 - Thanks to tehron for a recent bugreport. It seems that some accounts are shown as logged in when they actually are not. This is because (even ignoring https) the url for this site used to be http://sabrefilms and is now http://www.sabrefilms. If you have an old session still active, either clear your RevElite cookies or wait for them to expire :) thanks!
3rd April 2014 - SSL/HTTPS is now active on the site. If anything is not working correctly please contact an admin :) Thanks
3rd April 2014 - The final fight is almost upon us. So It Begins... Case 19 has started with challenge 129
14th March 2014 - Forum update complete. Added some security patches.
14th March 2014 - I am tweaking the core forum files which could mess things up a little, so please be patient if there are any issues
10th March 2014 - Challenge 128 - Case 18 The Accusation is now online, based on an idea by Jhype. Enough training... Time to take the fight to the SDA headquarters once again and finish this mess!
10th March 2014 - I usually make a point of not changing challenges once they are uploaded (except if there are security issues or they are broken in some way), however I have updated Enter And Pass in Case 4 with an extra piece of information. I have always hated this challenge and finally now I can say it is one which fits with the rest! Congrats to the previous 20 solvers and I hope to see a few more now.
26th February 2014 - Android 2 is now online. This is challenge 127. Accusation is next!
17th February 2014 - As my partner site lost-chall has deleted some of its challenges (which were originally written by me) due to the new design messing a few things up, I plan on rehousing a couple here. The first of these is now online - Challenge 126: Keep Counting is online.
15th February 2014 - I am away from today 15th-22nd Feb. Should be online a little, but if there are any urgent queries please contact Jhype or wait for my response :)
13th February 2014 - Challenge 125 is now online. Enjoy!
10th February 2014 - Challenge 124 - Twenty Levels now online. Many thanks to the betatesters, especially Jhype who found bugs and proposed fixes
6th February 2014 - A new category of android challenges has just opened. Thanks to alucardo for beta-testing this one. Expect many more to come! Challenge 123 now online.
26th January 2014 - This could get confusing... I would like to introduce RevolutionElite's new Junior Admin: Jhype. Now, this is no relation to the recent Jhype virus saga in case 17. Jhype has been a good friend of mine for years and I wanted to pay homage to her as part of the storyline, but now we are in this position, I perhaps shot myself in the foot on this one ;) - sabretooth
20th January 2014 - Case 18 has begun! Challenge 122: Double Up is now online. Many thanks to alucardo for finding and reporting an error with my code, and also to the beta testers.
16th January 2014 - Case 17 is over! (Challenge 121)
5th January 2014 - There was an um.. anomaly with the final part of Shady Dealings Anomaly (Case 17). Fixed now so if you were having difficulty perhaps try again :) Thanks to dloser and tehron for bugreports
2nd January 2014 - Challenge 120 is online: Modus Operandi. This should end the whole Jhype virus saga. Interesting point - I had planned to write this for lost-chall 5 years ago but did not have the knowledge to code it effectively... Yet another challenge rolling around my head for 5 years which I am now free of! Enjoy.
30th December 2013 - Happy New Year! Last one of 2013 - PHP System 2 is now online
22nd December 2013 - Two new challenges online - A riddle (Challenge 117) and Shady Dealings Anomaly (Challenge 118) Happy Holidays!
28th November 2013 - Currently taking a break due to illness and work. Thanks for your support
11th October 2013 - Case 17 continues with challenge 116: Serial Killer now online. This one is from tehron and is the result of a nice collaboration
27th September 2013 - Case 17 has begin with challenge 115: The Spy now online. Many thanks to dloser for testing and bug reports
24th September 2013 - Profile page now shows solved dates/times - Thanks for the feature request alucardo
11th September 2013 - Case 16 is now over. The accusation is online!
1st September 2013 - A long time coming, but challenge 113 is now online. I am finishing my university thesis until the 17th Sep so there should be a regular stream of new challenges after this time.
20th July 2013 - Challenge 112 - The Double Cross is now online. This is based on something found on a recent pentest. Quite crazy in my opinion.
24th June 2013 - Challenge 111 is now online, Thank you to Lonewolf219 for this great idea. :D
21st May 2013 - The Jhype virus is about to cause havoc... Get after it detectives! Challenge 110: Get Flashed is now online
21st May 2013 - Just a general notice: Wyshfire is no longer a co-admin at Revolution Elite due to time restraints and other commitments
2nd May 2013 - Trevelyan in charge of the SDA - Time to take the fight to him with challenge 109: Shady Dealings Alienation
21st April 2013 - Due to receiving some password reset requests, it is now impossible to pw-reset accounts which are integral to solving challenges :) Thanks for the indirect bugreport.
17th April 2013 - Case 16 has begun and the hunt for Trevelyan is on. Challenge 108 - "Energize" is now online.
9th March 2013 - Revolution Elite will be intermittently down for server upgrade and maintenence during 11/3. Sorry for any inconvenience.
6th March 2013 - Challenge 107 - Case 15: The Accusation is online
3rd March 2013 - The final part of the Broken Captcha trilogy - BC3 is online. Next up is the accusation and then onto something different!
26th February 2013 - Second in the series - Broken Captcha 2 is now online. This is challenge 105
17th February 2013 - RevElite's first timed challenge. Broken Captcha (Challenge 104) is online.
5th February 2013 - IdleMonkeys irc is currently undergoing a server switchover. If you are idling there, please d/c then reconnect - you will then be connected to the new server. Thank you.
27th January 2013 - Challenge 103 is online. Enjoy :)
7th January 2013 - Many thanks to Phobo for finding a bug in Access Denied! which made it very easy to solve. This has now been patched :)
7th January 2013 - Challenge 102 is online. This is the first SDA challenge since May 2011. Thanks go out to Wyshfire, criple_ripper and livinskull for testing.
20th December 2012 - Something which I think may be a little harder. Case 15 has begun - Xorganisation (Challenge 101) is online!
8th December 2012 - Challenge 100(!) Case 14 accusation is now online. Case 15 should begin shortly.
25th November 2012 - Challenge 99 (The Missing Link) is now online. Enjoy!
18th November 2012 - I am in a generous mood so here is another relatively simple one. Challenge 98 is now online.
16th November 2012 - Can you believe this one was actually planned for Case 0? Challenge 97: Access Denied! is online
12th November 2012 - I would like to announce Wyshfire's promotion from forum moderator to junior admin. She can now upload challenges and manage basic database tasks. Congrats!
12th November 2012 - Regular Exasperation (challenge 96 in Case 14) is active. This is the challenge mentioned in the last news.
4th November 2012 - Challenge 95: Negation is online. This is an easier interlude before a difficult challenge from Wyshfire coming up soon...
21st October 2012 - Case 14 has begun with: Headache - This is challenge 94. Yet another case with no clues - based on an idea by tehron, so thank him for this when the accusation comes along...
19th October 2012 - Case 13 accusation is now online
27th September 2012 - It has come to my attention that challenge 92 (Draco) could only be solved with smartphones and not by alternative means (at least not as easily). I felt this was a little unfair to those of us unfortunate enough to not have access to a required device. Due to this, the challenge has been updated. Easier to solve perhaps, but available to all. Many thanks
27th September 2012 - Finally a new challenge! 92: Draco is now online
2nd September 2012 - Sorry there have been no updates as of late. Both Wyshfire and myself are busy with study, work and family. There is another challenge to come in case 13 followed by the accusation, and these will be done before the end of the month I am sure. Expect a challenge from Wyshfire soon for case 14 :)
17th August 2012 - Please welcome Wyshfire as our new forum moderator. Read about this here
13th August 2012 - Thanks to brahim for discovering and reporting a bug which affected the whole site. Good work.
11th August 2012 - I just discovered that the Investigative Points was broken. All fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience
24th July 2012 - Challenge 91: Triple Xor is now online. Thanks to dloser for testing, and to MaddinW and Wyshfire for additional support.
18th July 2012 - Revolution Elite is 2 years old today! Read about it here
17th July 2012 - PoisonIvy is now no longer a moderator at Revolution Elite. Please direct all queries to sabretooth
8th July 2012 - Sorry for the lack of activity. At least now I am getting back on track. Basic filter evasion needed here: Case 13: Infiltration (challenge 90) is online!
17th June 2012 - People have been asking for ETA on the next challenge. It is university assignment time again, so things have slowed for the time being, but there are two challenges in the works. Should see them next week, all being well :)
28th May 2012 - Many thanks to sine for reporting a fairly serious xss. Good work :)
21st May 2012 - Challenge 89: Applet Algorithm 2 is now online. I personally think this is easier than the other applets on the site, but do you agree? ;-)
3rd May 2012 - A very easy one for you :) Challenge 88 is now online.
20th April 2012 - Case 13 has begun with a difficult challenge... Or Is It...? ;)
19th April 2012 - Case 12 is now complete with the accusation.
7th April 2012 - I'm away for a week so the case 12 accusation might be a while away. The good news is that there are a few challenges already lined up so case 13 should begin very shortly after 12 ends ;)
31st March 2012 - Challenges 84 and 85 are now online. Happy analysing :)
19th March 2012 - Challenge 83: Data Recovery Solutions (Exploit) is online
7th March 2012 - Challenge 82: The Modkey Algorithm is now online.
2nd March 2012 - Studies are once again taking priority in my life so RE is taking a short break. There might be a basic challenge coming up during this time, however more... substantial challenges might be a short while away ;)
21st February 2012 - Challenge 81 - Math Mess is now online. Next one should be something a little different ;)
9th February 2012 - Case 12 has begun. Undefeated is online. Many thanks to tehron for the bugreports on this one.
8th February 2012 - Just to let you all know, Case 12 starts tomorrow.
4th February 2012 - The server has been spamming my inbox with emails reporting various users bruteforcing challenges such as 'Prime Suspect' which really does not need it with a little thought. From a discussion with a certain user I have implemented red/orange/green icons on the challenges which denote respectively: no scripts/scripts are fine, but not necessary/scripts are okay. Anyone found running bots/scripts against a challenge marked RED will receive a warning or ban. Thanks for your understanding.
22nd January 2012 - Case 11 is now complete with the accusation now online.
15th January 2012 - Changed the Options menu bar. It now only shows information about new PMs and VMs when you actually get them, rather than placeholder: "You have no new...."
15th January 2012 - Discussion afterwards boards are now online. Feel free to post how you solved a particular challenge. I'll post there too from time to time showing my intended methods :) If you find any bug or exploit, please let me know. The system is new and bugs may still be present, but I think I patched the main ones. Thanks. sabretooth
14th January 2012 - Challenge 78 - Email Script is now online :)
1st January 2012 - Happy New Year! Heres one from Ivy - Yin Yang (Challenge 77)
31st December 2011 - Two bugs in one day. Many thanks to Creastery for finding an interesting exploit which resulted in hundreds of messages being posted to the Disc Afterwards section. :P Good work!
31st December 2011 - Muchos thanks to tehron who found a csrf bug which affected the discussion afterwards boards (in development), visitor messaging system, and other areas of the site. I'll be posting of this exploit in my blog soon, so keep a look out.
17th December 2011 - As promised, challenge 76 - Stateless is online. Many thanks to the beta testers.
16th December 2011 - It has been decided that in the new year I will code a solutions board for each challenge accessable to those who have solved that challenge. Here I will post the model solution for the challenge and have a comments form for users to post their own methods and ask questions. Due to the enclosed nature of the forum, this will probably take the form of the visitor messaging system and will have to be entirely self-coded so it may take a while. New challenge should be up tomorrow :)
10th December 2011 - Challenge 75 - A Memo is online!
26th November 2011 - Applets are finally reaching the site. This one shouldn't cause too much hassle I hope :) Challenge 74 - Applet Algorithm 1 is online
19th November 2011 - You can all now choose whether you want RE challenges or GIA challenges shown as default upon login. This is useful for those who are 100% complete with the RE cases (I'm looking at you LoneWolf). Check your account options.
16th November 2011 - Welcome to the Global Intelligence Agency detective. Case 11 has begun - Checksum Security is online.
16th November 2011 - Site might be running slowly for a while as I'm altering a few core modules
8th November 2011 - case 10 and indeed the whole storyline is finished with Challenge 72: The Penthouse. There will be a break now while I work on phase 2 of the site. Thanks to everyone for their assistance and support so far.
21st October 2011 - Case 10 is here. Ready to take the fight to the SDA? The Final Showdown is online - Challenge 71
2nd October 2011 - Okay, my last exams are on the 10th and 11th of this month, so case 10 will get moving after this time. Thanks to everyone for your patience.
7th September 2011 - Visitor Messaging system now operational. View a user's profile and send them a public message :)
5th September 2011 - Important news on case 10 here
26th August 2011 - Case 9 now complete with the accusation...
13th August 2011 - The RE agency is in ruins! Time to Escape! once again. Challenge 69 is now online.
1st August 2011 - Challenge 68 - Mystery Values now online :)
25th July 2011 - Server maintenance scheduled for a day or so. If the site goes down, that will be the reason but you probably wont be able to read this if that is the case ;)
19th July 2011 - I have been reworking the rank page. Not finished with it yet, but added some new functionality there and extended the ranking to show all users. You can hide yourself from this page if you wish by selecting the appropriate option in your Account Settings
18th July 2011 - Challenge 67 - Interception! is now online
18th July 2011 - RE is one year old today. Many thanks for all your support over the last year. time to settle down and have some cake :)
15th July 2011 - Image Stream is now online. This is challenge 66. Enjoy :)
14th July 2011 - A new challenge is currently in beta. Expect to see it soon :)
29th June 2011 - Challenge 65 is now online - The Bank Job :)
22nd June 2011 - Thanks to SherlockHolmes for reporting a bug with Revolution! It seems that the admin account could be accessed a little further than I had intended ;) Fixed now :)
19th June 2011 - Challenge 64: Broken Hex is now online :) Have Fun.
18th June 2011 - Case 9 has begun with a challenge from Caesum. No Remorse is challenge 63. Performing a little maintenance so bear with me if something doesn't seem right :)
9th June 2011 - Case 8 is now complete with the accusation online. Challenges will now appear at a much slower rate whilst I work on case 9 and plan the finale for case 10. Also there will be work happening elsewhere on the site, whilst I get ready for what is to occur after case 10. Enjoy :)
4th June 2011 - Been doing a bit of work on the site and noticed a few corrupt image files which I believe were the result of the recent problems. If any of you notice anything which needs fixing, please contact us
3rd June 2011 - Problem solved! Site should be running as normal. Case 8 accusation will be appearing in the next few days :)
2nd June 2011 - If the site is loading slowly please bear with us. We are having some trouble with our hosting company and may be moving the site shortly depending on the outcome. Thank you for your patience.
26th May 2011 - As it has been a while I thought I would get these two challenges up together. Shady Dealings/Silver Destiny Ascendance - challenges 60 and 61 are now online.
22nd May 2011 - FYI, challenges 60 and 61 are both about 50% complete and will be uploaded sometime this week
11th May 2011 - The karma system is now running in the forum :)
10th May 2011 - Challenge 59: Investigative Points is now online. I particularly dislike 'search-on-the-site' challenges, but figured there should be at least one so here it is. Good luck. In other news, the 'latest forum posts' now shows the latest 5 instead of 3, and also tomorrow the forum karma system will be set up (with any luck) Enjoy!
8th May 2011 - Slow progress on the site
1st May 2011 - Challenge 58 is online with thanks to MonkeyMan2000 :)
27th April 2011 - There will be a new challenge in the next week or so. Things will be moving a little slower around here whilst I rebuild the site root, do some maintenance, and build up a profile for my CV. I want to thank everyone for their support so far on RE, and rest assured, there are many more challenges to come...
21st April 2011 - Challenge 57: Math Machine - Basic is online. After writing the simple math engine, I thought I would test it out by creating this challenge as a foundation for many more harder ones to come. If you spot any problems with the program, please let me know.
16th April 2011 - Challenge 56 - Residuum is online. Many thanks to LoneWolf219 for this one.
13th April 2011 - There will be a new challenge at some point in the next few days however tomorrow morning 03:00-05:00CST the site will be down (or intermittent) whilst server upgrades are being performed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
8th April 2011 - Case 8 has begun. JavaCrypt Part 3 is challenge 55. Enjoy!
6th April 2011 - Back from my break. The case 7 accusation is up. Easier than normal but there are some tricky challenges coming up in the next few cases which will make up for it ;)
1st April 2011 - Uploading a new challenge every week (roughly) is taking its toll on me, so I'm leaving PoisonIvy in charge of the site for a few days and taking a short break from RE as I didn't get around to the last break I had promised myself. Note that this isnt due to lack of ideas, as I am already planned up to the end of case 10. Will be back with a new challenge or two next week. Thanks to all. sabretooth
24th March 2011 - Challenge 53: Image Mess is online. This one is pure stegano. Have fun.
22nd March 2011 - I fixed a bug in Revolution! Thanks to SherlockHolmes for pointing this out. If you have been trying the challenge and getting nowhere, perhaps it is time to try again :) Sorry about that.
20th March 2011 - PHP System 1 is online. Enjoy :)
18th March 2011 - Challenge 51 - Revolution! is online. As I encountered an XSS whilst creating this, I'd be grateful if you find any more to let me know. That one slipped through the net. Thanks :)
14th March 2011 - I'm taking a short break from RE maybe a week or so. We either have an exploit or programming coming up next depending on which I'm in the mood for creating.
10th March 2011 - 50 challenges online! Case 7: StegCode is now up
6th March 2011 - Added an embedded IRC courtesy of Mibbit
4th March 2011 - RE now has its own IRC channel. Join us on: #RevolutionElite Hope to see you there (:
4th March 2011 - Challenge 49 is online. You are given little to work with here so analysis may seem difficult. I forsee a possible forum discussion regarding this one... I am aware I have gone overboard on the cryptos just lately so I'll make a promise: No more crypto challenges in Case 7. Next one will be stegano followed by exploit.
3rd March 2011 - Case 7 has begun. Challenge 48: Data Retrieval is online
1st March 2011 - For those who are paranoid enough to see the current 'Latest Registered User' username and panic about it, rest assured - I own the account. It will be used in a case7 exploit :)
27th February 2011 - I am pleased to announce that Revolution Elite now has a Bonus section which gives a new achievement. (Check the Achievements page) Also the 'About Revolution Elite' page in the footer now works. Coincidence?
27th February 2011 - Over 1000 correct solutions submitted since the site went online! Congratulations to the solvers and thank you all for your support.
26th February 2011 - Case 6 is over - The final accusation is now online. I will create the header for case 7 but before the next case begins I am hoping to add a bonus section which once complete will give users a sepcial award :)
22nd February 2011 - The CIpher X challenge trilogy is complete with challenge 46: Cipher X (long). Thanks to AliceInDilbertland for testing.
17th February 2011 - The 2nd of 3 Cipher X challenges is now online. Cipher X (short) is challenge 45
17th February 2011 - Fixed site issues which arise when a user uses Chrome. Many thanks to aaron and Creastery for making me aware of this
16th February 2011 - Due to users pounding the server on The Depths Of The Vault challenge, a user must now wait 10 seconds between room value requests.
15th February 2011 - Users now have the option to remove themselves from RE ranking if they so wish and add themselves again. Check your account settings.
15th February 2011 - Upon solving a challenge, a user's WeChall score is now also updated if they are registered there.
15th February 2011 - You ask, I listen. Features coming soon: Features User opinion would be appreciated :)
14th February 2011 - Revolution Elite is now on Wechall. Many thanks to Gizmore for setting this up.
14th February 2011 - Challenge 44: Cipher X (function) is now available :) Have fun
13th February 2011 - News archive is now up and running. Check the link below the news panel
11th February 2011 - Welcome to RE 2.0 A new design always brings with it new issues, so if you find any problems or things not working as they should, please let me know :) - sabretooth
10th February 2011 - Challenge 43: Stealth Plane is now online. Many thanks to LoneWolf219 for this one.
8th February 2011 - What will happen to RE when the storyline ends...? Read about it here
5th February 2011 - Challenge 42: Out Of Time is online. Might aim for something a bit more complex for the next one :)
2nd February 2011 - As I've been ill there have been no updates just lately. I will start work on challenge 42 tomorrow. Category: Programming/Math. This one shouldn't be too difficult however :)
28th January 2011 - News: Wow the site has gone red. Excuse me while I fix this . - EDIT: Fixed now. Sorry about that. Enjoy challenge 41 :)
28th January 2011 - Case 6 has begun with challenge 41: Double Agent now online. Enjoy :)
25th January 2011 - The new forum is finally up :) If you are having trouble accessing your forum account please read: Forum Access
25th January 2011 - New forum should be available later today
22nd January 2011 - It has come to my attention that in creating a new forum, all existing posts will be lost. Having checked through them and finding only 20 non-admin posts, I feel that this is probably a good time to do this. I shall however create an archive section in the new forum and copy all messages there in a read only format. New users are automatically registered into the new forum upon registration, and existing users are automatically registered into the new forum upon login. I hope to get this fully up and running by the end of the month.

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