Welcome to Revolution Elite 2.5

I would like to welcome you to Revolution Elite (version 2.5) and direct you to our Rules and Regulations.
If for any reason you do not wish to, or cannot adhere to them, then you are not permitted to register or log in at Revolution Elite and may leave by clicking here.
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Revolution Elite is a computer security, math-based and programming-based challenge site. Categories include Android, Cryptography, Javascript, Java, Logic, Steganography, Exploitation, Programming, and other miscellaneous categories.
Sometimes it will be obvious what to do, while sometimes you may have to poke around or do some research.

The way the challenges work are as follows:
You are a rookie detective, and have unsolved cases ahead of you. There is a suspect list of around 100 suspects, and only one of them is guilty each time.
Each case consists of 5-10 challenges and upon solving a challenge and getting ranked up for it, you are given a clue which will eliminate some suspects from your list.
Upon solving all the challenges a particular case has to offer, you are presented with an accusation form - By this time you will know the name of the guilty party: Make a correct accusation and the case will be closed and you will gain an award for your efforts...

Good luck,