Rules and Regulations

Even detectives are not above the law and to use this site you must understand and agree to the following:

The webmaster sabretooth or his affiliates are in no way responsible for any possible damage or data loss that may occur from using this site. It has been thoroughly checked and tested, and although no malicious software, script, or virus has been either coded or found, I can only say that you use this site at your own risk.

You must not try to hack or gain entry to any part of the site you are not permitted to access, and that includes the database and user accounts other than your own (you may come across a small exception to this rule in a challenge).
The challenges may encourage use of vulnerabilities and exploits in order to complete them but these are created and planned in a controlled environment, and using such techniques on parts of the site they were designed for is perfectly okay. Bruteforcing the server is not ok however.
Scripts and bots 'may' be permitted, but check the guide!

If any bug or exploit is found which was not intended, you must report it and you must not use the knowledge or share it with anyone other than the site admins. Awards and recognition may be given for following rules like this.

The site will store information about you in the form of a database, cookies, and sessions. This data will be kept confidential between site staff, except in circumstances where a law official requests that it be handed over to them for investigation into criminal acts which may or may not have been commited by the user.

I will not be held responsible for any death or injury whilst you are on the case. It comes as part of the territory.

That is all.