Bank Credits

You now have a bank account which is linked to your agency account here. You will find your available credits in the options bar above the cases as shown below:

How do I get credits?
  • You will be awarded 10 credits for every day which you log in. This does NOT mean you have to log in for consecutive days. Credits will be awarded once per day.

  • Some challenges may hold bank accounts belonging to SDA members or other enemy types. You can take side-missions on these challenges to gain extra credits from these sources if you so wish. Just remember to clear all traces and do not forget your primary goal!

  • There may be a way to donate to Revolution Elite in the near future in which your generosity will be rewarded with extra credits. This is not compulsory however, and all challenges and Revolution Elite features can be accessed, solved, and used without doing this. More information will be made available if it is decided that a donation system will be set up.

  • There may be bonuses given at certain points in time but these will likely be at random.

What can I use credits for?
  • Some challenges will require you to bribe suspects for clues or solutions, so be sure to collect your credits daily!

  • Official Revolution Elite merchandise may be available to purchase with credits in future. Who knows?

I want to write a bot to connect daily for me. Is this against the rules?
  • Go for it. Just make sure it is once a day though and please do not flood the server!

Can I exploit the bank account system?
  • Likely not at the moment (but please feel free to try. If you report any bug with this system you will be awarded bonus credits). In future however... who knows?

Speaking of which... I found a bug on the site in the past. Can I have extra credits?
  • sabretooth will be checking through the news archive in the near future. All detectives who have found bugs or helped in some way (which has been officially recorded either here or in the site changelog) will get bonus credits.

Well I found a bug and was not officially credited... Now what?
  • Talk to sabretooth. Something may be arranged. :)